About Team X

Team X offers a variety of internship positions to allow new professionals to gain experience within the private biotechnology industry. Team X is more than an internship, it is a community and an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Each intern gains real-world experience, to develop new skills, and the opportunity for full-time employment.

Current Team X Members

Reema: Jr. Legal Assistant

I am a third-year law student with a B.S. and an M.S. in Psychological Sciences. My internship has been a wonderful combination of my current legal interests and my past research in developmental psychophysiology. As a Jr. Legal Assistant, I review various contracts, conduct intellectual property research, and help with both organizing and tracking legal matters. I have had many opportunities to join collaborative meetings with other companies, engage in continuing education, and learn more about ongoing projects from both scientific and business perspectives. The work environment is friendly and helpful and Team X has been a great way to learn about other interns and converse with a dynamic group of individuals.

Team X Alumni

Bethany: Former Jr. Research Scientist

“Being a member of Team X offered me the valuable opportunity to gain hands-on skills and experience while working with a tight-knit research team. The work I did was valuable and varied; as a member of Team X I was able to participate in fast-paced research with real world applications rather than a student-level project. In addition to gaining skills in multiple lab procedures, I also had the opportunity to learn more about the business side of pharmacological discovery and development through team meetings and grant proposals. My internship with Expesicor allowed me to experience neurological research and develop professional skills outside of an academic setting, and I would highly recommend Team X to anyone pursuing a career in research.”

Sophia: Former Jr. Developer

“Working at Expesicor was one of the most positive work experience I have ever had. The team was so open and supportive and truly seemed to understand the value of collaborative teamwork. I was given the opportunity to take initiative in exploring many different side of software development from working on both the front and back end of PrestEEG to machine learning that really allowed me to build skills programming in a way I had never previously explored. I am so grateful to the team for this experience and I know the skills I gained will continue to be invaluable as I continue throughout my career.”

Elissa: Jr. Social Media & Marketing Intern to Creative Content Specialist

“During my time at Team X I got to collaborate with the most highly-skilled and professionally varied team I have ever been lucky to be part of. As a Jr. Social Media & Marketing Intern I got to create a wide range of diverse content for both print and digital promotions. I got to create and plan a variety of social media content for our different platforms. I got to assist with maintaining our social media channels and conduct regular engagement with followers. I also got to assist the development team on the PrestEEG project with UX design. This role prepared me for a full-time transition by challenging me to provide a range of content in a fast-paced environment, but also by learning to collaborate on projects with a skill-varied team. As I continue my career as a full-time member of Expesicor’s team, I am excited to take part in an environment that encourages my continued professional growth and development.”

Aurora: Jr. Research Scientist to Associate Scientist & Hiring Manager

“I feel inexplicably fortunate to have been part of Team X. My internship gave me both personal and professional development, mentoring, and friendships. As part of Team X, I felt like I could ask any and all questions that I had, and really dig into the company. I was able to find specific projects to learn more about, and let my curiosity run wild. I was not only supported in my goals, but urged to look deeper. This prepared me for my research-based career, both at Expesicor and beyond. Expesicor took my personal strengths, recognized them, and helped me to hone and utilize them in my full-time role.”

Denis: Jr. Developer to Data Scientist and Research Scientist

“The Expesicor team is a cohesive group of cross-functional experts. During my internship at Expesicor, I had a unique opportunity to work on the edge of neuroscience and machine learning. Having two Ph.D’s in neuroscience and mathematics, I was able to realize my potential, progress my career in both fields, and obtain new skills. Not only that, but I was doing it in the most friendly and supportive environment I could imagine. My internship at Expesicor was one of the nest work experiences I have ever had.”

Alyssa: Former Jr. Research Scientist to Research Support Specialist and Intern Coordinator

“During my internship I had the opportunity to gain invaluable laboratory skills and experience. I received a lot of mentor ship and one-on-one training to master both lab and professional skills. I was able to work on projects that extend beyond what you get in a classroom setting to truly get a feel for the research industry. All the while gaining leadership skills that prepared me for my full-time role at Expesicor, and now future roles in the neuroscience research industry.”