Expesicor has been working diligently towards preventing, treating, and curing neurological disorders since its establishment in 2016. Our pipeline offers a plethora of approaches to achieve our mission: proprietary therapeutics, imaging probes, and drug screening tools. While our focus began with epilepsy, it has since expanded to include depression, Traumatic Brain Injury, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other debilitating brain disorders.  

Our highly capable team is driven by a personal connection to the mission, adding urgency and passion to research and development. We are comprised of highly dedicated lifelong learners that strive to continuously expand our comfort zones to become better scientists, better team members, and better people. Our culture is laid-back; we are Type A in the lab and Type B in the lunchroom. We are based out of Missoula right in the heart of the northern Rockies where we actively work to fulfill our vision of a world without suffering caused by brain disorders.  



Braxton Norwood PhD
David Booth
Michael Goguen
Two Bear Capital
Rachel Tsunemoto Hislop PhD
Two Bear Capital
Nicole Sigurdson Nan
Legal Counsel
Michelle McGuinness
Head of Regulatory Strategy


Alyssa Danis
Anna Danilova
Aurora Krebs
Denis Shchepakin PhD
Elissa Stanick-Woods
Hal Shearin
Michael Kyweriga PhD
Vladimir Udilov


David Henshall PhD
Scientific Advisory Board
Elizabeth Rounsavall MBA
Business Advisory Board
Liz Marchi
Business Advisory Board
Ryan Castonia
Two Bear Capital
Tally Largent-Milnes PhD
Scientific Advisory Board
Rich-Henry Schabowsky PhD
Legal Counsel